Juliette Has A Gun... is so named as its perfumes are designed to be weapons of seduction. It is as if the innocent Juliet of Shakespeare has a "Gun", symbolising the liberation of women towards men and sometimes with an aftertaste of revenge...

No need to worry about carrying your favourite perfume anymore. Delivered with a funnel, the universal purse spray is refillable with any fragrance. Practical, elegant, the jewel is not bigger than a lipstick. They say great things come in small packages? Not a myth!

The Bullet Purse Spray is an empty perfume travel spray that allows you to refill with your choice of perfume. This easy to use, compact perfume container comes complete with a funnel for mess-free filling no matter what type of fragrance you want to decant.

  • Use the included funnel, carefully either spritz your favourite full size perfume into the funnel.
  • About Juliette Has A Gun
    • Juliette is transported from the pages of Shakespeare to the 21st Century, and armed with her perfume. She is the modern woman of today, expressing different facets of her personality through her fragrance; assertive, charming, vengeful, the master of her own destiny. Juliette Has a Gun creates modern fragrances, from a contemporary take on the classic rose scent to perfume that isn’t perfume. Playful, romantic, and bold, Juliette Has a Gun fragrances are emblems of style and originality.


  • Fits 4ml 


  • Store out of direct sunlight