Shhh, this small but powerful duo is set to make her moan this holiday season. We've coupled the Crave Vesper vibrating necklace in rose gold with Bijoux Insidctets Horney Jar Clit Balm for a truly pleasurable pairing. 

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Horny Jar Clit Balm by Bijoux Indiscrets

In the swipe era, well trained fingers are for more than just dating apps. Apply a small amount directly to the clitoris and massage gently. You'll start to feel its warming effect in a matter of seconds. ENJOY!

Thinking about your crush again?
Do you send a "wanna come over?" text or... use your imagination and enjoy an orgasm for one?

  • Makes for powerful orgasms: stronger and more frequent.
  • Adds sensibility to touch and foreplay stimulation (ginseng)
  • Increases sensibility in the area: focus on your pleasure
  • Intensifies natural sensations. (No artificial effects).
  • Made in Spain.

Crave Vesper in Rose Gold

At the intersection of elegance and delight, Vesper is both a gorgeous piece of jewelry and a strong slim vibrator. Designed for beautiful experiences in public and in private, the Vesper is a playful and sophisticated way to take your pleasure.

We believe that you can have it all.

  • One single button for on/off and 4 speeds: low, medium, high and pulsing
  • USB recharging with supplied cable
  • Body, tip and chain made from high polish 316 stainless steel
  • Smooth rounded stainless steel tip designed for external clitoral stimulation
  • Designed for discretion so you will hardly hear a thing
  • 26" necklace chain


  • Balm - 6ml


    • For further information please refer to instructions on the box