Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True by Tracey Cox

Tracey delves into the fascinating world of sexual fantasies and discovers what happens when they are turned into realities. Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True is an incredible collection of intimate, thrilling and compelling stories to lose yourself in.

"Dare is an entertaining collection of 30 real women's experiences of what happened when they decided to turn their sex fantasies into reality. You can read Dare on two different levels. Focus on the 'fantasy' part and it's glossy, solo-sex inspiring erotica, switch to the 'reality' and it turns into a thoroughly entertaining read that's both funny and car-crash fascinating!" Tracey Cox

Well-known for her TV shows, books and columns on sex and relationships, Tracey has spent over a decade exploring female sexual desire. Dare features scintillating accounts of real women who have turned their erotic fantasies into reality, whether it's having sex with a millionaire, multiple men in one single day or becoming a member of the mile high club.

Discover what women dream about and what happens when they turn their fantasies into erotic realities, with a selection of 30 true stories to choose from.

293 pages.

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