Ready to discover (or rediscover) your partner this Festive Season? Porte à Vie's Couples Box is the perfect thing to start the discovery... you can thank us later.


Porte à Vie Velvet Tie A new twist on a Porte à Vie classic, the Velvet Tie is an accessory of many uses. The tie looks just as good worn around the neck as a twilly, as it does tied around your lover's arms. The possibilities are endless.

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia 2 In 1 Scented Silicone Massage & Intimate Gel Perfect for massages, ideal for pleasure. Perfumed with the exclusive essence of Bijoux Indiscrets and designed to heighten intimate pleasure on your own, with a toy or with a partner. 

Lelo Noa NOA is a couples’ massager that enhances sensations during sex. The smooth, insertable tail is worn by the woman and affords ample space for both partners, while the larger top brings satisfying vibrations to the clitoris.

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Clitoral Arousal Balm This balm, specially designed for your clit, increases sensations and prepares your body for powerful orgasms. Just a couple of drops before the games begin are all you need to unveil a world of delight where climax is King. Put a couple of balm drops on the tip of your fingers and softly rub the clitoris area. Engage in foreplay while your body takes it in, a few minutes will do. Now you can enjoy increased sensibility in your intimate area, that’s powered by touch and ends with intense orgasms.

Porte À Vie 52 Card Intimacy Deck Shuffle the deck. Choose a Card. Make Love. Repeat. 49 hand-drawn pictures depicting different sex positions, ranging from vanilla to the more horizontally challenging. 

      SIZE & FIT

      Velvet tie Velvet on one side, silk satin on the other. 180cm long, 9cm wide.
      Silicone massage & intimate gel 100ml
      Clitoral Balm 13ml


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