Svakom is an established, award-winning adult toy brand that sells their ground-breaking products to over 70 countries worldwide. Founded in the USA in 2012, Svakom is one of the fastest growing sex toy companies. Svakom designer David Yu knew that sex toys could and should be better for women, and so the brand was born out of a desire to improve sex toys and enhance female pleasure with a sophisticated programming mode. With the help of testing and real user feedback, Yu created the innovative Intelligent Mode, which slowly builds up the intensity to create a level of irresistible pleasure unparalleled by other sex toys brands.

As part of their advanced line of products, the Nova exercise balls demonstrate the Svakom commitment to bettering the female orgasm. To tighten the vagina walls and improve one’s pleasure, the Nova exercise balls help with Kegel exercises and come in three weight varieties to customize them to your level. Made with soft silicone and 100% waterproof, these cutting-edge exercise balls give women control over their bodies and showcase the Svakom dedication to premium sex toys and accessories that truly cater to the female need.

Svakom is a revolutionary adult toy company that puts women at the center of everything they do without compromising quality or variety. Spice things up with your partner tonight or give yourself some much-needed TLC with intuitive toys that heighten your pleasure and enhance intimate exploration. With a wide variety of products to suit your every need and craving, Svakom is your go-to brand for sex toys that make user health, fun, and intelligence their personal mission. For yourself, your partner, or a friend, Svakom products make the best gifts and are the ultimate treat for those looking to take bedroom play to the next level.



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