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Personal lubricants aren’t just about removing friction. They’re about making skin-to-skin contact sexier than ever, and the Porte-à-Vie selection of lubricants are the highest quality lubricants for pleasure that’s enhanced and always safe. Whether you’re shopping for a new personal lubricant that elevates both solo and couple play, or searching for the perfect gift for your partner, the Porte-à-Vie collection has the finest options to choose from.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, decadent lubricant to treat yourself and your lover, the Coco de Mer line makes lubricant an indulgence instead of a necessity. They’re water-based for safe use during sex and with toys, and they come in two lush varieties of Pearl Blossom and Divine Glow in gorgeous bottles that you won’t want to hide away. Both lubricants from the Coco de Mer label are incredibly long lasting and silky smooth, for enhanced pleasure that knows no limits.

For those who prefer a silicone-based lubricant, the Überlube line is a premium lubricant that feels invisible for the most intense sensations. The Überlube is also incredibly versatile; since it feels so natural and leaves skin feeling simply moisturised, it can be used as a massage oil, moisturiser, or even a light hair serum. Both scentless and tasteless, the Überlube is an in-demand lubricant that comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of use.

There’s no better gift for a partner or friend than the Bijoux Indiscrets Wanderlust Aphrodisia travel set. With everything you could think of for enhanced pleasure, this stunning set has incredible value and strikes just the right balance between naughty and nice.

Personal lubricants shouldn’t be something to hide away. The Porte-à-Vie selection makes them something to get excited about; from gift sets to versatile lubricants, searching for your new pleasure aid has never been more thrilling.

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