Dora Larsen is an exciting new lingerie collection by fashion and design lover Georgia Larsen. She has set out to revolutionize the way we wear and see lingerie and has blended colour and design to create pieces that are both a joy to wear and as beautiful as art. Using the innate moods of colour to create pieces that can be anything from arousing to soothing, the Dora Larsen collection is an inspiring testament to how lingerie should look and feel. Without ever sacrificing fit, the Dora Larson collection irrefutably dispels the myth that sexy, beautiful lingerie can’t be comfortable.

The Dora Larsen collection is unlike any other lingerie we’ve seen. It’s an attractive blend of modern design, eye-catching hues, and layered texture that gives you something new to obsess over every time you wear it. The bright pastels and jewel-tones work surprisingly well together, to the point where you’re not sure why it works, but it just does. Dora Larsen uses colours to evoke feelings in both the wearer and her partner; from uplifting pastel pinks and lime greens to the rebellious and bold cherry reds and smoky mauves, the Dora Larsen line proves that black isn’t the only sexy hue in the playbook. 

When you first see the Dora Larsen line, you’ll lust over the colour palette, but the texture is what will make you fall in love. The collection is a testament to the power of texture, from layered sheer mesh and fine lace that, when combined, are much more elegant and seductive than simply baring all. Designer Georgia Larsen also plays with lines, creating high-waist panties and unexpected silhouettes with the help of beautiful eyelash lace that fans out over your skin in the most flattering way. Embrace beauty, function, and the cutting edge of style with stunning lingerie from the Dora Larsen line.



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