The Best Lingerie Pieces and Styles for Your Sex Life

Posted in FASHION ON May 14, 2017

Fine fabrics like silk, lace and satin in enticing colours such as alluring black and deep crimson can electrify the bedroom. Worn with a sultry, come-hither attitude, lingerie will boost your confidence and send shivers of anticipatory pleasure through your partner. But with so many styles available to purchase, what pieces should you select?

While the best rule of thumb is to choose undergarment items that you find captivating and which make you feel attractive when you slip into them, here is a primer on the most popular styles of lingerie to light up your sex life.

A simple bra and panties can add a quick dose of seduction, especially when offering a glimpse of your body for your lover to catch while you’re out on a date. A plunge bra worn beneath a low neckline will show off your cleavage while a shelf or half cup bra will offer support while giving you a sexy look. 

If you’d rather stay traditional, choose a lacy bra and panty set that your partner can discover as he or she slowly slips off your clothes. On the other hand, if you’d really like to amp up the arousal, opt for a pair of peekaboo panties or a crotchless lace thong - and make sure you’re lover knows you’re wearing them well in advance in order to start a slow smoulder.

Chemises are loose-fitting, comfortable garments without sleeves that can be worn with - or without - panties. They come in a seemingly endless range of colours and styles but, for an ultra-seductive look, don this short nighty in a transparent white sheer fabric or opt for thigh-length lace in bewitching black.

Babydolls are similar to chemises but cut with fabric that falls straight down from the attached bra, giving you a flirtatious appeal. If you’re self-conscious about your mid section, a babydoll will help you maintain your confidence while looking ultra sexy. Often sheer or lacy, babydolls can also be created out of silk or satin for slippery, tactile pleasure.  

Seduction is often about theatre and if you’d like to amp up the drama in the stage set of your boudoir, try climbing into a corset accessorized with stockings and suspenders, or even experimenting with high shine latex. 

Corsets leave nothing to the imagination, designed as they are to cinch at the waist and push up your breasts. Crafted with ribs, this iconic style of lingerie is often not the most comfortable (and might require help in the dressing department). Worn with a pair of skimpy panties, stockings and suspenders, this classic, traditional outfit will turn you into a sexual fantasy - guaranteeing that you won’t need any help in the undressing department.

The more adventurous and playful seductress should give vinyl or latex lingerie a try. Women who’ve explored this trend say that wearing the slippery, skin-tight style of undergarment feels like being naked but with the added bonus of amped-up erotica. Be sure to lube your skin or coat yourself with sweet smelling baby powder in order to slip easily into your bustier or other wet-look garments - and get ready to stage an unforgettable seduction.

Lingerie can help you linger over foreplay, enhance your bedroom discoveries, and add a surprising boost of confidence to your sexual encounters. Adding it to regular date night rituals could entice a long-term lover or spouse while wearing it under your clothes for a first date could guarantee a second. Whichever style of garment you select, wear it with an awareness of your own pleasure and beauty and you will glow with seductive power.