Posted in FEATURE ON March 19, 2018

Producing some of the most finely crafted and exotic fragrances in the world, Amouage is an exemplar of luxury and sophistication. 

Founded in 1983 by the Sultan of OMAN, and today boasting 35 years of perfume mastery, Amouage is globally renowned for its creative integrity and innovation. Using the finest and most valuable ingredients expertly sourced from around the globe, the brand restores artistry to perfumery.

With attention being paid to even the smallest detail, each bottle of an Amouage fragrance is packaged in a curved edge bottle mimicking the ripple of a wave; a reference to the word 'Amouage', meaning waves. The cap on the women's fragrance has been modelled after the dome of the great mosque of Oman, an homage to brands origin. Similarly, the cap of the men's fragrance is styled after the handle of the Omani Ceremonial Sword. 

Amouage's fragrance Memoir Woman was created by perfumers Daniel Maurel and Dorothée Piot. Designed to evoke past, present and future of a woman, Memoir Woman's heady central note of Absinth promises a sensuous future, while the musky base notes hint at an illustrious past. Boasting longevity unlike any other perfume, mainly due to its high oil content, means a spray or two is sufficient for an entire day - or night. Wear this sensual scent with caution, for you’ll certainly leave an imprint on the memoir of those you encounter.