TELL ME MORE | Rianne S Heart Vibe Review

Posted in EROTICA ON January 19, 2018

Your first vibrator should be like your first love.

Sensitive, playful, and knows how to do those three moves you like pretty damn well. 

The Rianne S Heart Vibe is exactly that. It’s the first loves of vibrators, and the first sex-toy assisted orgasm you need before you expand your reach into the slew of battery-operated boyfriends.

Offering a selection of three speeds and seven pulsing patterns, the Heart Vibe varies from a slow consistent buzz like the wine haze pleasure you feel on a first date, rhythmic patterns, ranging from a slow and sensual mood, to a rough and rapid pace.

The battery-operated vibrator works its magic silently and stays charged for 120 minutes of play, waiting for you to finish first, however long it may take.

Available in three different colours - French rose, coral and purple - the ultra-soft medical grade silicon tip is to be held on top for clitoral stimulation, hitting every spot you like without having to ask twice.

And whether your first time was carefree or confusing, your first time with this toy is guaranteed to be easy and satisfying. At the click of a button you can activate the vibrator, find the rhythm and pulse that suits your needs and have the fun you've been searching for.

Of a cute and convenient heart shape, the Heart Vibe is suited for first time sex toy-buyers, jet-setters in need of easily packable pleasure, and the mini-mechanical addition to any and every ménage é trois you may have.

And who knows? Your first toy might just be the one.

Contributed by Miss Valleywood

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