The World's First Striptease Candle by Dita Von Teese

Posted in FEATURE ON July 24, 2019

A burning revelation from the house of Heretic Parfums and the scentillating senses of Dita Von Teese, Scandalwood sees the theatre of art and fantasy come together for your sensory pleasure.

Inspired by burlesque, vintage perfume and the naughty barware that emerged during the 1940's, the striptease candle will ignite the imagination. Fire up and behold as the heat-sensitive image of the queen of burlesque goes from black gown to birthday suit. To restore her propriety, put lips together and blow.


Fragrance is an invisible art created for pleasure and designed to seduce the senses. Scandalwood gives voluptuous shape to this invisible world with the premier of the patent-pending striptease candle and scintillating eau de parfum manufactured and created by Heretic Parfums.

Scandalwood opens with an alluring top chord of sweet coriander, atlas cedar and bois de rose. The heart chord is a voluptuous floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and ylang ylang. The deeply sensual base chord is an intoxicating combination of mysore sandalwood, orris butter, labdanum, myrrh and velvety white musk.