Posted in FEATURE ON April 06, 2018

Internationally acclaimed Australian florist and author Saskia Havekes does not so much arrange flowers, she curates them; drama, scale and sensual depth are her signature. Forever pushing creative boundaries, 2013 saw the launch of Grandiflora Fragrance. For Saskia “the chance to create a perfume as a florist is the ultimate luxury because it offers the challenge of paying homage to natural beauty in another medium. Fragrance is a subtle construction; it is not a replication of nature, but rather a play of memory and desire.” Each fragrance is a unique masterpiece – an entwining of memory, fragility and desire.

What flower/s do you think are the most sensual, the most intoxicating?

There are so many sensual flowers as they are the pollination attractant area of each plant. The Queen of the Night, or Night flowering cereus or Moonlight cactus. This plant flowers only once a year for an hour in the middle of the night. It is renowned as engulfing and narcotic with an intoxicating and arousing aroma. Also the Nepenthes/Tropical pitcher plant is entirely both male and female all in one and is carnivorous, its shape is bulbus and embarrassingly sexual. Magnolia grandiflora has elegance but a very sensual quality in its large petals and crimson throat.


Which one of your fragrances do you think is the sexiest and why? 

The Queen of the Night is extremely sensual and layered, its notes of gardenia, tuberose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, wisteria, bergamot, clove and pittosporum surrounded by ozonic night desert air makes for a beautifully sexual dry down and silage.




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