By Ivy Grinds

When I opened my mailbox, I instantly turned into a super giddy, sex toy obsessed human, barely making it back into my apartment before tearing into my package from Port-à-Vie!

As I ripped through the packaging, I opened the cute box, and found my new favorite toy/jewelry. At first glance, Crave Vesper is sleek, beautiful and oh so discreet. I quickly plugged in the slim, bullet like vibrator into the computer. Once the pendant was fully charged (indicated by light on the side), it was time to take it for a test drive.

I sat on the couch, and pushed firmly on the button. Thankfully, it takes a firm push to make sure that the Vesper is on, so that when the pleasure pendant is on the go, it will not be easily turned on (unless so desired, 😉). Turning on the Vesper, I quickly toggled between its four speeds: low, medium, high and something that pulses at varied speeds. I started at a medium, slowly allowing myself to adjust to the pinpoint amount of vibration. Perfect for clitoral stimulation, I let it glide over my clit, getting used to the speed. The Vesper quickly heated itself, something I wasn’t accustomed to or expecting... It took me a good moment to adjust, and I turned it off, making sure that it was actually the vibrator…

Once all was confirmed as OK, I went back to work, on high, tantalizing myself with a steady, strong vibration. I trailed the vibrator along my labia, landing back on my clit, pin-pointing sensations on certain spots that felt amazing. It took me about 10 minutes to cum, through perfect concentration on the vibration and the slow movements around my clit. It was an extremely pleasurable experience, with easy clean up and the necklace went right back on.

The Vesper is all kinds of fun. I have taken it out on dates, allowing me to reach orgasm in some very public places. With the Vesper always hanging close, there is almost always a way to get off. The necklace is so discreet, that most people never notice, and if they do, they wonder where I bought the piece of jewelry… never questioning that it is a vibrator. The Vesper is a beautiful aesthetically, with a very strong motor. These two features are a combination for so many fun times, between the sheets and on the streets🙃. Would I recommend it? Of course.. Is it my strongest vibrator… Probably not. But it’s versatility is unmatched by any other pleasure product on the market.





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