SMOOTH SAILING | Überlube Review

Posted in EROTICA ON February 05, 2018

Okay I’m going to be dropping a lot of personal information here because to me, lubrication during sex or self pleasure is everything. Lubrication is the difference between mind meltingly fabulous pleasure and downright painful, uncomfortable sex. So whether your vagina is practically monsoonal or drier than the Atacama, heed the following: buy Überlube.

Sadly for me, I’m one of the 40% of women who struggle to get wet during sex, or any time actually, so lubricant has been my best friend for my sexual life. That makes me one helluva qualified reviewer when it comes to lube, considering that I’ve tried nearly every product on the market. Whether water based or silicone based, lubes can be too sticky, dry quickly, have funky flavoured smells/tastes and can make your bedsheets look like a giant slug has frolicked in them. 

Überlube is literally none of these things. This silicone based lube actually enhances the feel of skin to skin contact and it’s texture is so silky smooth that it feels completely natural. Überlube has been extra-fortified with vitamin E to ensure skin stays protected and rejuvenated. Both my partner and I noticed our skin feeling as if our vagina’s had just had a facial, a ‘Vacial’ if you will. It’s odourless, tasteless and leaves no residue. Best of all, an almond sized blob will last long enough to get you an orgasm of two*.

Only four ingredients make up Überlube, all of which are body safe. Unlike water-based lubricants, there are no harmful preservatives, irritants or petrochemicals such as glycerine. It’s made for hypersensitive skin, perfect for anal or vaginal play and won’t mess around your pH. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such a slippery smooth and silky lube in my life. My vagina actually felt nourished after using it.

And if none of the above has sold you, perhaps this will; Überlube is an amazing styler reportedly being used in salons around the US. So after you’ve finished, you can apply the uberlube to your bed hair for a bold, tousled, just-orgasmed-look. Both your vagina and hair will thank you.

*according to this reviewer, over a 30 minute period.