PàV Muse | Violet Grace

Posted in PÀV MUSE ON January 02, 2019

Violet wearing our Desvalido Silk Set, via @violetgrace_

What are your favourite styles of lingerie?

Minimal, black and lace. VPL is my least favourite thing in the world so something that looks nice but is also going to look great under clothing. 


What is your boudoir essential?

Parfum! I’m completely smitten with Tom Ford Fougère D’Argent at the moment.


How do you negotiate working in both the fashion/creative space and law? Do you find that they are complementary in any way?

I am a creative and analytical person so working across both areas works both sides of my brain and I love it. The key to juggling both is time management and getting used to the idea that you don’t have a normal 9-5 week.


What are your thoughts on the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend?

I love it and think you should do whatever you like when it comes to fashion and expressing yourself. In saying that, I cannot deal with a VPL under clothes!


What makes you feel sexiest?

I love fashion so an amazing outfit that exudes some individuality. 


What are your top 5 picks from porteavie.com?


Leather or lace?
Black or colour?
Brief or thong?
Pjs or robe?
Header courtesy of Stylish State of Mind