PàV Muse | Susannah Guthrie

Posted in PÀV MUSE ON April 20, 2018

Journalist and digital content director of Harpers Bazaar and Elle Australia, Susannah Guthrie talks to Porte-à-Vie about her love of lingerie, and why an element of mystery can be your best asset.



What are your favourite styles of lingerie?

Pieces that are simple, unfussy and comfortable but still feminine and flattering. 


What is your boudoir essential?

Perfume and linen sheets!


What are your thoughts on the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend?

I think when done well it’s incredibly sexy and modern, but for it to work you need to maintain an element of mystery – so a corset-style top with a full skirt or tailored wide leg pants. As in all areas of life, balance is key!


What makes you feel sexiest?

A good night’s sleep, exercise, a fantastic hair day and my fiancé. 


What are your top 5 picks from porteavie.com?


Leather or lace?
Black or colour?
Brief or thong?
Pjs or robe?
Naughty or nice?
Nice :)


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