Posted in FEATURE ON August 14, 2019

Fräulein Kink is a luxury brand specialising in high fashion lingerie accessories, handcrafted by a team of artisans in Berlin. Designed to be worn inside & out of the bedroom, Fräulein Kink's products are made only of the most luxurious materials - think leather, 24K gold plating and Swarovski crystals. Porte-à-Vie talks to Miss Nicole, CEO & Creative Director of Fräulein Kink to find out the ideas and creative process behind the brand in light Kink Month.

What was the motivation to start Fräulein Kink? Why were you drawn to luxury lingerie and bedroom accessories?
As a child my hero's were Catwoman & Wonder Woman. When I grew into my teens I got super interested in fashion, costumes and lingerie. I moved to NYC to study Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising & Marketing. At the end of my studies, while traveling in Europe, I fell in love with the city of Berlin. Combining my interests in sexy fashion and with a dash of Berlin, Fräulein Kink was born! It embodies the essence of my designs...feminine, sophisticated, and a little bit naughty.
How do you define ‘kink’ and has this definition changed in recent years?
I am very fond of the word Kink. By definition the word Kink refers to an intelligent and playful usage of sexual concepts which are overt, accentuated and unambiguously expressive of sexuality. Kink sexual practices go beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. To me, it means to spice things up and be playful in the bedroom. 
Each Fräulein Kink item is handcrafted to order from an international team of artisans. Why was it important to operate on a ‘made-to-order’ basis? 
We love to create and make new designs regularly! Doing this by hand in our atelier gives us control over the production process and allows us to be more free as well as offer high quality products with great attention to details. Devils in the details.
What is your creative process when conceptualising and designing a new collection?
All things sex and fashion, the two go hand in hand...My creative process is inspired by many different things! Inspiration can start from a new material or technique, colour or texture. Exploring the world and thinking outside the box are also super important. 
Who is the Fräulein Kink woman?
She is a strong fashion forward individual with a flirty sense of style. She loves adventure and to stand out in the crowd.
Fräulein Kink items can be worn both in the bedroom, and incorporated into out of the bedroom fashion. In recent years, has fashion been influenced by kink or has kink been influenced by fashion? If indeed, how so? 
That's a bit of chicken and the egg... both influence each other. Fashion icons and celebrity's push the boundaries of sex and fashion. and inspire people to be more daring with their fashion choices. It's fun to be playful and experiment with sexy style. 
How do your women feel wearing Fräulein Kink?

We welcome everyone to wear FK! Men, women, and non binary. We love all the custom requests we receive from private clients. Anyone wearing FK should feel empowered and sexy! Confidence is Key! 

For those unacquainted with bedroom accessories, what items from the Fräulein Kink range would you recommend?
Depends on what you're into! If you're more into the fashion or look of fetish, we would recommend our harnesses and collars. Always fun to play around are the kitten masks or chain pasties! If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, try a pair of restraints or a bondage lasso.