PÀV MUSE | Melissa George

Posted in PÀV MUSE ON August 13, 2018

Welcome to the next instalment of the Porte-à-Vie Muse series. Here, we speak to Australian Actress and Porte-à-Vie Muse Melissa George about vintage Prada negligee and the importance of owning a 911 boudoir ensemble. 


What are your favourite styles of lingerie?

Very French, in colours: white or cream or blush pink with very ornate lace detailing. Demi cup bras, high-waisted panties and I love crotchless underwear. 

What would you never be caught dead in?

Cotton pants with elastic waistband. 

What is your boudoir essential?

A gown that can be easily removed. 911 ready for any and all emergencies. 

What is your most favourite piece of lingerie you have ever worn/owned and why?  

It’s a Prada to-die-for apricot mini lace nightgown that I bought in Florence. It’s still unworn - I am waiting to find the right one. I bought it 15 years ago.



Which period in lingerie history do you most relate to?  

Leather or lace?

Black or colour?
Brief or thong?
PJs or robe?

Sexy slip

Naughty or nice?

Nice 👍 


Header Image Credit: Schiaparelli