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Posted in PAV MUSE ON April 08, 2019

Liz Goldwyn is a passionate advocate of sex education and committed to providing resources for others to explore sexual wellness and consciousness.  The author, filmmaker and the founder of The Sex Ed - a platform for sex health and consciousness education through original essays, live, talks podcasts and a weekly newsletter - talks to Porte-à-Vie about all things boudoir.


What are your favourite styles of lingerie?

Matching sets, I love a high waisted panty in the 1940s/50s style and a bullet bra— but I also love a low-cut hipster brief with a demi cup bra. I am obsessive about organizing my lingerie into colour coordinated drawers. I sleep in nightgowns and have those organized by color and length as well as my corsets and robes! I invest more in lingerie than fashion. 

What is your boudoir essential?

Essential oils, crystals for good vibes and sleep. And no TV! I believe boudoirs are best for sleep and sex.

What would you never be caught dead in?

Spanx or anything marketed to make women feel that their curves, cellulite, lumps and bumps are anything but normal, magical and HUMAN.


Do you wear lingerie for your lover or yourself?

First and always— for myself. Being empowered by our own sensuality is key. Even when I get dressed for a business meeting, it always starts with what I’m wearing underneath— my lingerie is my psychological armour. Wearing it for my partner becomes the icing on the cake.

What makes you feel sexiest? Is there any advice you would give to other women to help them feel their sexiest?

What makes you/me/anyone feel their sexiest is different for every human on the planet — each of our sexuality is an individual as our fingerprint. We are constantly in a state of evolution as to what turns us on. It could be the scent of a rose, the feel of silk against naked skin, the sting of a horsehair whip or something entirely else! If I have any advice it would be to spend time with yourself— take yourself on a date— ruminate on what makes YOU feel sexy— not what anyone (including me) tells you is the key. It could be the smell of gasoline or the sight of sweat-stains on a t-shirt post exercise— it’s all good, embrace it!

What are your top 5 picks from porteavie.com?

Anything Dita Von Teese — and not just because she’s one of my best friends! I own every piece you have of hers on the site — the Madame X, Muse and Dahlia styles are some of my favourite every day pieces.

Leather or lace?
Both. But rarely at the same time.
Black or colour?
Both, but I have two drawers dedicated to black sets.
Brief or thong?
High waisted and bikini briefs.
Pjs or robe?
Robes and nightgowns.
Naughty or nice?
We don't have to choose.
Photos of Liz Goldwyn courtesy of Glynnis McDaris 


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