Posted in EROTICA ON February 28, 2018

If there’s one aspect of modern life women can really embrace it’s the advancement of female pleasure toys, that in 2018 I can really get behind. And in-front. And sideways. All the positions I’ll attempt when you can experience pleasure that’s quite literally catered to your body.

Lelo’s ‘Ora 2’ is no exception. At first glance I was utterly perplexed; how does this circular gadget actually work? Unlike most sex toys which mimic vaginal sex or vibrate the clitoris, the Ora 2 is designed to simulate oral sex, with a ‘nub’ that acts as a tongue. This makes the Ora 2 entirely unique in it’s design, function and sensations.

The nub sits on the flat base allowing it to protrude in its rotations as the base is flush against the clitoris. While the nub alters it’s movements, vibrations occur for added enjoyment. When held against the clit, the Ora 2’s ‘sense touch technology’ comes into play which not only makes this toy marriage material, but also allows the Ora 2 to intensify depending the amount of pressure you desire. Basically, it can actually recognise when you’re readying to climax and adjust it’s movement accordingly, something most men still can’t figure out.

The USB rechargeable battery provides one hour of pleasure, which I’m confident will fulfil you, at least for the two hours it’ll take to charge again. Due to its uniqueness, you’ll likely want to spend some time figuring out how to make it work for you. It’s not your average toy so take the time to get acquainted with it.

You’re provided with 10 vibration patterns which you can toggle through using the + and - buttons. Like all Lelo products, the Ora 2 is coated with a delicious silky soft silicone that amplifies the delectation. Expect discreet packaging, ergonomic design and an aesthetically intriguing form; the Ora 2 could sit on your mantle and be considered contemporary sculpture, in-between bouts of voracious self pleasure.