Not all womanisers are bad… | Womanizer Premium Review

Posted in EROTICA ON October 12, 2018

It’s a hard and unjust paradox that the best sex of your life typically is someone you’re no longer with.

They were that tall, dark and handsome one at all those bars constantly ignoring you until the last twenty minutes of an evening out. The one with the soothing, low voice that made you a coffee in the morning before rolling you out of bed. The one that infuriated you to a new level of sexual intoxication, aroused an unbelievable level of erotic anger and loved you with unparalleled passion.

They were a smooth-talking, sex in a suit, womaniser.

And while they we’re great in the bedroom, like the hottest designer dress of the season, they were no longer needed in your wardrobe and your life after however many wears.

Cue the Womanizer Premium – the smooth, sex-toy solution to all your orgasm needs, equipped with all you need to revive those mind-blowing moments, without the emotional labour.

And without even touching you.

Using this toy is like literally immersing yourself in a lap of luxury. The silicone body nestles itself comfortably between your legs and redefines what it means to feel a vibrating, earth-shattering sensation. Swapping buzzing movements for pleasure air technology, the pulses against your body have you questioning whether it’s a toy, tongue or fingers making you feel like a whole new woman.

With a super soft mouth, twelve intensities provide every sensation on the spectrum – from delicate to daring to downright devious, and unlike a bad lover, this womaniser only activates when it senses it’s hitting the right spot.

And once it does, the autopilot drives you directly to cloud nine.

When you’re cosying into bed, fresh faced and ready for relaxation, sometimes tea and a book can’t always help you unwind. Taking yourself on a solo sexual experience is key to unwinding the tension between your mind and body. Consider the Womanizer your sexual-spirit guide. A silent instructor in self-satisfaction.

The only downside to the Womanizer is that it should come with a warning label: 'may render every other sexual object in your life obsolete'. Consider it on par with the latest iPhone in a drawer full of Nokia’s – or a Maserati on a road of old Commodore’s driving you to your orgasm. 

In life and love, sex comes and goes, but the Womanizer ensures you don’t ever have to miss out.

Consider this an investment in the latest device supporting your ‘self-love’ needs.