Posted in FASHION ON March 05, 2018

This season, Mimi Holliday has released an elegant gossamer white bra and brief set, delicately adorned with a swan motif.

The white swan motif has long tantalised the art world.  Provocative and notoriously erotic, the Leda and the Swan narrative from Greek Mythology has been the muse of artists from antiquity, throughout the Renaissance, to Post-Impressionism and continuing to the present day.

Leda and the Swan is the tale of Zeus, the ruler of the Mount Olympus gods, and his pursuit of the ethereal queen of the Spartans, Leda. After witnessing Leda’s renowned beauty and resolving that he had to know her, Zeus transformed himself from god to swan to seduce Leda. The lovers spent one night of passion together, ending the chase and fulfilling both their desires.

Notably, the great artists Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Paul Ruben and Paul Cézanne have been inspired by tale of seduction, depicting the union between Zeus and Leda in their practice.

From the walls of the Louvre to your boudoir, the swan motif includes Mimi Holliday’s Swan Lake set in the legacy of the tale of Leda and the Swan. Imbued with delicate references to other erotic representations, the Swan Lake set is as much a bra as it is a statement.

Image Credits: Leda and the Swan, 1510-1515, Leonardo da VinciLeda and the Swan, 1601, Peter Paul Rubens, Leda and the Swan, 1882, Paul Cezanne