Posted in EROTICA ON December 13, 2017

As someone who has owned and used a Rabbit style vibrator for several years, it never really occurred to me that it needed an update. Although I replenish my wardrobe constantly, and all the household appliances, the one category that missed the upgrade was the toy department.

Given the incredible advances in technology the world sees daily, it was likely that innovative Swedish brand Lelo and its high end, global Soraya Dual Action Massager would be ahead of the curve. My old rabbit was clear, hard pink plastic and battery operated, a Blackberry in an IPhone universe. It was time for a refresh.

Woah. The Soraya has been designed to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, and produces intensely deep and exquisite pleasure and a fast path to orgasm.  Made from sleek, smooth silicone the Soraya is flexible, which means the arm offers precise clitoral contact for every body type. Lelo has always had a design- led approach to products, redefining the space where technology and humans sensation intersect. Lelo has created a sculpted tip for deeply fulfilling G-Spot sensations, a modern miracle given that the G-Spot was once considered highly elusive and even mythical. The Soraya is waterproof, silent and has a handy lock for travel. It also has 8 adjustable settings, but I defy anyone to even need to get to 5.