Posted in EROTICA ON April 24, 2018

Cheers to the app-assisted vibrator that you will always swipe right to. 


Our expectations of love and sex have changed with the help of social media.

Some people find partners online. Some people swipe right for romance.

Either way, whether you’ve had a terrible Tinder date, or an E-Harmony success story, the Jive by We-Vibe is the one vibrator that’s taking technology to new, tantric, titillating heights.

Regarded as the ‘ultimate in discreet pleasure’, the hands-free, wearable toy comes equipped with a special Bluetooth feature that syncs to the complimentary “We-Connect App”, meaning your partner can switch the Jive on and pleasure you without ever having to reach under your clothes.

The Jive’s app allows you to play from any proximity -  be it in the same room as your partner, to half way around the world.

It’s like the creators overheard the term ‘skype sex’ one day and decided to improve the love lives of long-distance lovers and creative canoodlers alike.

Basically whether you’re having fun alone, or with a somewhat significant other, Jive offers a whole new way to love sex.

Built with ten pre-set vibration modes, that range from rhythms like ‘tease’ to ‘tempo’, the toy also offers the opportunity to create your very own customisable vibes. Jive not only caresses your body while you enjoy it, but listens to it and learns what you need to get off.

And the best part is, the creators of the Jive clearly consulted the Karma Sutra when they were making it, because this toy knows how to adapt to whatever position you’re enjoying it in.

Whether you’re lying down, standing up, sitting, walking or running to the bedroom, the Jive sits against your g-spot, offering consistent sensations all night long. 

Just like perfect lover, Jive lasts way longer than it takes to recharge. Built with a two-hour battery life and a low power alert, the vibrator always makes sure it’s ready when you are.

The Jive is 100% waterproof, and considering what it will do to you, it’s wet-protection coating is a must.

Plus, with its uniquely contoured shape and silky smooth, body-safe silicone, any extended wear of the Jive will feel like being wrapped in plush clouds of carnal pleasures for hours on end.

Download the app and get your partner to surprise you with a ‘jive’ today.


Contributed by Miss Valleywood

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