SEARCHING FOR A SCENT? | Try our quick quiz and discover her perfect match

Posted in FEATURE ON December 18, 2017

Which fragrance family does your lover fall into?  Take our quiz and find out which of our heady scents will send her sky-high.

She’s ravenous. Would she prefer ….
a) Caviar and truffles
b) Strawberries and cream
c) A Wagyu burger
d) Chocolate

Her drink order . Would she prefer…
a) A dirty martini with three olives. Shaken.
b) Frosé.
c) A beer
d) Champagne


She’d like some new lingerie. Would she opt for…
a) Black leather lingerie with a twist
b) A white lacy bodysuit


She’s bored. You suggest… 
a) Role play
b) A backrub
c) A long walk on the beach
d) Your Bed


Her ideal holiday?
a) Dinner and a nightclub …in Europe
b) A long, lazy picnic in the park
c) An energetic hike in the mountains
d) An oil massage on the beach in Bali


She’d like some background music. Do you play…
a) Prince
b) Beyoncé
c) Jack Johnson
d) Barry White



If you chose mostly a’s then you have a firebrand on your hands, a temptress who likes things strong and spicy.

Fragrance Family | Intense Floral Oriental

PÀV Suggests: 

If you chose mostly b’s then she is as sweet as spun sugar. Sometimes. Best to play nice.

Fragrance Family | Floral

 PÀV Suggests: 



If you chose mostly c’s then your partner is easy going, down to earth and loves life’s simple pleasures.

Fragrance Family | Woody

PÀV Suggests: 

If you chose mostly d’s, you have a sensuous, flirty lover that likes to take her time and leave a lingering trace.  

Fragrance Family | Soft/ Floral Oriental
PÀV Suggests: