Finding the Perfect Playmate with Lady Bonnd

Posted in EROTICA ON July 02, 2019

Hugh Hefner definitely got one thing right – Bunnies do make the perfect playmate when it comes to bedroom fun. What he didn’t get though, was that not all bunnies had to be long-legged, bombshell blondes.

Something small, sleek and discreet can do just the job.

Infused with the same amount of silicone as many a Playboy centrefold, the Lady Bonnd Bunny is a vibrator as versatile as it is pleasurable. With one touch control, the pleasure is in your hands, as you press the rose gold face for a full range of orgasm-inducing motions. 

And while the seven different sensations are amazing, it’s really the ears that know how to hit every erogenous zone. Made with flexible, body-safe silky material, the voluptuous curved ears fit wherever you please.

I won’t lie though – when I first encountered the bunny, I was very intimidated. Word to the wise – whether you’re a solo adventurer, or a lusty couple, this toy is not for the faint of heart. It requires creativity, ingenuity and curiosity.

Or just a very handy ‘how to use’ review from yours truly:

The flexibility of the ears, means this toy is designed to be inserted everywhere, as well as clamped onto the body. Try it as a traditional vibrator, save it for external stimulation, or bend and twist the ears to fit into multiple sensual zones on your body.

If you’re joined by a significant other, the Lady Bonnd Bunny affords every opportunity for the opposite sex to enjoy, as well as keeping you satisfied when you’re being a generous lover. The close positioning of the ears means you can clamp the toy onto your man’s shaft, on your nipples or around your jaw for the most ~sensational~ blow job.

Coating this bunny in lube, or having fun in the shower is also on the table, as Lady Bonnd is 100% waterproof – perfect for those quick post-coital clean ups.

And though this bunny is whisper quiet, we promise you’ll be moaning enough to fill every room in the mansion.

Go on. Hop to it..


Contributed by Miss Valleywood

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