Draw Your Lover Near by Spraying Perfume on These Spots

Posted in EROTICA ON September 05, 2017

Perfume epitomizes luxury and seduction - and it has throughout history. In ancient Rome, fountains were filled with rose water while in India, a sacred Tantric ritual saw women adorned with scent all over their bodies from amber on the breasts to saffron on the feet. In more modern times, Marilyn Monroe famously told a magazine reporter that the only thing she wore to bed was Chanel No. 5.

If you want to stage your own seduction by stimulating your lover’s olfactory sense, select a perfume with feminine floral notes like jasmine or rose or sexy, spicy hints of wood, amber or musk. Spray, spritz or dab your favourite scent after showering, while your body is still warm from the water but the perfume can dry without soaking into your clothing. When you’re applying the fragrance, focus on the following spots and get ready to lead your partner straight by the nose into your bedroom and further, enticing landscapes of love.

Every woman knows that your pulse points are the classic areas to focus on when applying your perfume. These locations are spots where arteries are located close to the surface of the body and thus flush with warmth from your heartbeat which will then heat the scent. Focus on the classics:  your wrists, behind the ears, and even your inner elbows. But while these are a good baseline for wearing perfume, they are certainly not the only spots to dab your fragrance.

A less utilized pulse point is located in the shallow behind your knees. Fragrance dabbed here can be especially inviting when you’re wearing a short skirt or during the summer when we’re more often dressed in capris, shorts or breezy, flowing sundresses. Perfect for a beach picnic or a sexy, seductive note to add to a backyard barbecue.

Sweet smelling hair is a turn-on, so add a jolt of scent to your locks. This is especially enticing if you have long hair that you can play with while out on a date, releasing the alluring aroma and making your lover helpless.

The nape of the neck is a vulnerable, sensitive spot inviting a lover’s attention and leaving you breathless when it's touched or kissed. Spritz a light spray of perfume here and you’ll draw that special someone close to breathe in your scent, leaving you tingling with the heat of their proximity.

Dabbing scent on your cleavage sends another signal of your seductive power and is the perfect accompaniment to a provocative, low cut evening gown. Spritzing perfume on this area of your body is the ideal ritual to help you prepare for a passionate evening and get into a sexy state of mind. Do this, and you’ll exude confidence through cocktails, dinner and directly into a nightcap.

Perfume applied to your core will unleash a sensual enticement as your evening unfolds into deeper intimacy. As your body warms, this heat will especially intensify in your torso, allowing your scent to throb and thrill. If you’re using fragrances with arousing musky odours, be sure to spritz your belly and hip bones and anywhere else where your lover’s nose might drift.

Between your thighs is another area to apply perfume. During an ordinary day or out on a date, the warmth in this part of your body will help stimulate the scent while, if your intimacy goes further, it will draw him towards your more private, secret and sensual regions.

Where ever you choose to dab your seductive scent, be mindful of not overloading your body with artificial aromas. No matter how sexy they are, perfumes are the most sensual when they mix your own unique, aroused scent with sweet, exotic notes. Go lightly, hit the right spots, and you’ll be sure to draw your lover to you by the nose.