Georgia Larsen | On Dora Larsen, Colour & Bodysuits

Posted in FEATURE ON September 18, 2018

UK brand Dora Larsen is back with another collection of bold and alluring colour contrasts. Porte-à-Vie talks to the woman behind the brand, Georgia Larsen, about the collection's new colour-ways and styles. 

Have you added any new details to the collection? What was the customer feedback from the previous collections?

We had a lot of demand for bodies, so we’re excited to include these in the collection for this season. We think the underwear is too good to always be hidden, so this gives the customer a nice way to show it off more. We also had a lot of love for wider straps on bras, and we definitely also agree this feels newer from a design perspective. I’ve always loved the idea of mixing bold details with delicate details, so wide elastics and big gold rings are a lovely compliment to the delicate, sheer nature of the underwear.

Is the bodysuit an everyday one, or special occasion? 

To be honest I think it’s a bit of both! It’s everyday in the sense that it can be worn under jeans with no VPL, and would look great under a sheer white shirt (worn in a casual way). But it’s also super special - it’s an incredible piece worn on it’s own, there aren’t any other brands doing bodies in colours like this! That’s always been important to me - I want Dora Larsen to be unique and like nothing else you can buy easily from another brand. That’s what makes each piece so recognisable.