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Crotchless knickers are no longer just a ‘Cosmo craze’ or fashion fad – they’re a staple in the wardrobe, the most couture of the cut outs and a definitive seductress in the lingerie dictionary. But whether you’re rocking brief boy shorts or naughty knickers, you may not have considered all the practical components these scant panties have to offer.

For breezy stocking days

With winter coming up, stockings are a necessity. Avoid the chafing and discomfort between your legs with a pair of panties that offer that added touch of breathability. Pair with some suspenders, and you’ve got a lingerie look as warm as it is hot.

For that instant sex appeal

Everyone deserves to feel sexy each minute of the day, so break up your morning routine with a new way to feel instantly desirable. Swap the 30-sec face masks, and hair straightening rituals and slip into something as sheer and shape-hugging. Get some crotchless confidence in your day.

For that time of the month

Welcome to the easiest ‘change’ of your life’. Don’t put the crotchless panties to the side just for your partner – use the easy access folds to insert that other thing you need to put between your legs. We promise there is no added risk of leaking.

For quick wash & drying

There’s less material to wash, and all the more open spaces to catch the wind on the washing line. Just be careful your underwear doesn’t fly off and make a nice ornament for your conservative neighbour’s favourite fern.

For peeing in absolutely anything without having to take it all off.

Solving how to use the restroom in a playsuit was one big step for womankind. Solving how to use the restroom in absolutely anything was one giant step for humanity. It may take a touch of target practice, but it’ll be the most efficient bathroom break of your life, and get you back to that romantic dinner quicker.

For sending quick & easy nudes

­Naughty knickers for #NSFW nudes. Make your partner want what they can only slightly see with a moment captured in crotchless knickers.

For public foreplay

Slip his hand between your legs, let him enjoy easy access under the table at dinner, and give a taste of what’s to come.

For using sexy toys ~discreetly~

Lubeing up sex toys and inserting them can often come with interruptions to your ‘wet and wild’ pleasures with a not-so-subtle slip out. Avoid the embarrassment, and use the gap in your crotchless panties to secure your vibrator. If it has an external component, rest that part on the front of your panties for a hip-hugging holster to your toy. 

For a quickie

Let’s be real – this is still among one of the most practical, and more importantly, fun reasons to rock crotchless panties.

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