Posted in EROTICA ON March 16, 2018

LELO is a brand undeniably devoted to pleasure.

Not only committed to the pursuit of the female orgasm, Lelo's products are exemplars of sleek, elegant and innovative design.

Inaugurated in early 2003, their biggest focus was on developing the perfectly engineered toy for a perfectly engineered orgasm. Ever since their establishment in the global market, they have received multiple well-deserved awards, including the ETO awards for ‘Best Pleasure Products Brands’, ‘Most Innovative Brand’ and ‘Pleasure Products Company of the Year (2015), XBIZ Awards’; to name a few.

However, Lelo never grows complacent, and continues to innovate, always one step ahead of everybody else in the industry, meeting and tending to the needs and desires of both sexes. It is not at all surprising that they have been dubbed the “Apple of sex toys”.

One of their most pioneering products is the SONA Cruise ™, known for being one of the most effective sex toys on the market. The sonic clitoral massager not only targets the tangible part of your clitoris, it goes deeper - 75% deeper to be exact - using sonic waves to transport you to the most sensational wave of your life (not an exaggeration). With 8 settings you need not worry about lack of variety, and once you’ve found your preference, we encourage you not to hold back.