CAT & MOUSE | The Art of Teasing What Hides Beneath

Posted in FASHION ON November 30, 2017

Should there be anything more agonising and intoxicating than a game of cat and mouse? I beg it to make itself known.

Defined as ‘a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes’, the game of stolen glances, unfulfilled desires and the promise of adventures to come can be played using traditional methods such as mouth and body, or with the gifts that the lingerie and fashion gods blessed us with.

Whether emerging from the low-cut collar of a classic white shirt that has been unbuttoned a few buttons too far, peeking out of a silky black slip dress or a blazer, the lacy bra brazenly makes its presence known. Not enough to spoil the fun to come, yet adequate enough to whet even the most satisfied of appetites. Give the cat a glimpse of the mouse it is so desperately seeking.

As much a fashion statement as it is a seduction tool, the dance between the seen and the unseen will never tire. What is hidden will always be sought. Tease the delicacies that lie beneath.