BIGGER THAN A D CUP? | How to find the perfect bra to show off those assets

Posted in FEATURE ON February 27, 2018

A well- fitted bra is intrinsic to feeling confident, supported and super sexy.

Leanna Williams, director of the beautiful UK brand, Harlow & Fox gives her expert advice on how to find the right bra, from DD to G.

PÀV: What’s sexy now for Harlow & Fox?

There’s nothing quite as sexy as the feeling of something really beautiful next to the skin! If you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel invincible, you’re going to feel invincible on the outside too, and what could be sexier than that?! Beautiful luxury lingerie isn’t just for smaller sizes anymore, DD+ bras can be extra special too!

PÀV: What is the most common mistake women make when shopping for a full bust bra? 

One of the most common mistakes in full bust bra shopping is often going for a band that is too large, and a cup too small, as often that’s the closest size that can be found in high street stores. With the way bras are sized, a 36DD for example, will be the same cup volume as a 32F, just with a larger band. So if someone is shopping in store with a fuller bust, it can end up they are sized into the 36DD, if the store doesn’t sell the 32F, just as that will have the biggest cup. But if someone has a narrower back and a fuller cup, having that firmer band on the bra can really help with feeling correctly supported.

PÀV: What should a woman look for in a fuller bust bra? 

Once you’ve found a size that works for you, get out there and explore! There are so many more options for larger cup size bras nowadays. Bra shopping is just like any other aspect of your wardrobe - you wouldn’t wear the same shoes to go and run errands as you would to an elegant evening out, so why wear the same bra? Look for something that makes you feel amazing, the very best version of yourself - that makes you stand tall and feel great in the body you’re in! I designed our bras to bring something luxurious and special occasion to the DD+ bra market - there’s silk linings, beautiful delicate French laces, and luxury detailing, so you can really feel that little bit extra special wearing it. 

PÀV: Does underwire always have to be uncomfortable?

Not at all! For some women, underwire bras just don’t feel comfortable at all, and that’s ok - everyone has different things that feel comfortable to them. But often trying a different shape of bra can help, or making sure you’re wearing a cup size that works well for you. If the cup is too small, so the wire is digging into breast tissue at the sides, that can be quite painful. On a well-fitting bra, the underwire should lie flat against the chest at the centre front, and fully encapsulate the breast, so it is flat against the body under the arm as well. Different brands also use different wire shapes, so it’s worth trying out different brands and styles to what you’re used to as well - some will use wires that have a narrower profile, which will suit some women’s body shape better than others, whilst on different women will then dig in at the sides, and be uncomfortable. It’s all about finding that dream bra that is right for you.