Posted in FEATURE ON January 17, 2018

Alana Becker is the designer behind the beautiful Australian brand Desvalido. Producing every single silk satin piece of gorgeousness by hand, it is no surprise that we can never keep the Desvalido ensembles in stock for long.
Here, PÀV chats to Alana about Desvalido, feeling confident in lingerie, and a new relaxed version of sexy.   


PÀV: How and why did you start Desvalido?

    As the child of two entrepreneurs, the flexible lifestyle of not having a boss was always the dream. Finding a fashion job in the city and commuting from Newcastle every day actually sounded like more hard work than starting a lingerie label, so the week after I finished fashion school I set up two domestic sewing machines in a spare bedroom and started hand making my lingerie to order. Thanks to social media and online marketplaces I was able to get it off the ground. Thankfully it’s been growing ever since!


    PÀV: Why were you drawn to lingerie?

      I became a lingerie consumer around the same time I started high school textiles, so I think it could have just been a coincidence. It was something new to sketch, and from what I could see in my local stores in 2010, there was plenty of room for new ideas! Lingerie is more emotional than outerwear, I wanted to create more than just a pair of knickers. I wanted to create new feelings of self-confidence for people who wore my products.


      PÀV: The French Knickers are known and loved for being flattering on a wide range of body shapes and sizes. What is it about the design or fabric that allows this?

      When I made the first pair and tried them on, I thought it was magic. They completely hid my hip dips (my biggest insecurity before I learned to love my body) and made me look better than any other pair of knickers had. In reality, it’s the loose fit and lightweight silk. It falls over the body instead of clinging, and the ruffle doesn't show elastic cutting into the hips, no matter how soft your hips are all the while showing the  right amount of cheek at the back. It’s a new relaxed version of sexy, so they’re especially good for someone who prefers more coverage.