Posted in EROTICA ON June 28, 2018


Not every bedroom accessory has to pulse, vibrate or clamp your nipples. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that elicit the greatest pleasure.

The Minoa Naughtie Hotpants are an example of one of the few times in life where it is far hotter to leave something on, than to take it off. What makes lingerie so tantalizingly irresistible is the tease. The knowledge that there is something so abundantly sexy just out of your reach, just beyond your line of sight. The mystery of the concealed awakens our deepest fantasies. The desire to get just beyond that lacy constraint can ignite a hunger in even the meekest of men. The only problem? When it’s time to unleash that desire, it all must come off.

That’s where Cosebella’s crotchless knickers come in. Picture this:

I’m out at a bar with my girlfriend. Her tight black skirt accentuates the curvature of her body. The room is dark, lit only by bare bulbs which splay shadows on the brick. We sit close. Taking a sip from her cocktail and looking knowingly into my eyes she takes my hand, pulling it slowly toward her. She puts my finger into her mouth, enclosing her lips around it, then drawing it out.

I shudder as anticipation mixes with alcohol, creating an irresistible cocktail, not my first of the night. Purposefully, smiling, she takes my hand and pushes it between her legs. I feel the soft mesh of lace caress my skin as she inhales, eyes closed. I look around, the bar is full but my turned back shields prying eyes from our secret.

As my hand lowers it curves in toward her, suddenly the textured lace stops and is replaced by the feel of her warm, wet body. She smiles knowingly and nods as I slip forward a solitary finger. The sudden arch of her back, soft exhale and tilted chin tell me all I need to know.

A minute later, a staff member approaches.

“Would you guys like another drink?”

“No. I think we’ll take the cheque thank you.” 

The cab ride home feels endless, stretched by anticipation. The night is long, her knickers never come off. They don’t need to.