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I always thought, when it came to formal occasions, that underwear was for the weak or the menstruating. Running bareback, going commando, being an Eve in the garden of Eden – whatever you wanted to call it – gave me the excitement of exposure and a euphoria I’d become intoxicated by.

That was until an evening in crotchless underwear.

Don’t get me wrong – despite the tendency to leave the lingerie at home, there was always something intimidating about crotchless underwear. I mean, my knickers already were so scant, I couldn’t bear to think of what I’d do with even less fabric?!

I was struck with the curiosity of what ‘crotchless’ really meant, and a constant need to culture my wardrobe.

All this intrigue tantalised me, and engorged my thoughts with an unquenchable sexual wanderlust that inevitably led me to try them.

That, and a candlelit dinner with plenty of red wine.

Sporting a pair of Cosabella crotchless hip huggers – because only Italian lingerie labels know how to make pieces that caress a woman’s pasta loving curves – I matched black lace with a black sheath dress and stepped into the night.

I felt unbelievably sexy, instantly. From the first few steps, the breeze blowing between my legs snatched moments of titillation, as the cool wind blew between the curved cut-outs of my knickers. It was like I was sporting the most discreet sex toy on the planet, with the soft fabric gently draped around my derriere, and textured design brushing across me in all the finest ways. 

These crotchless knickers worked wonders for me between courses.

And worked wonders to tease him. The thought that he could reach between my legs under the table at any moment and be able to pleasure me discreetly had him knocking back cocktails to quench his parched, parted lips.

These briefs provided their own kind of foreplay - the opportunity for more sexual intricacy – wearing them felt as though I was leaving a last line of lingerie defence on before getting intimate. Without having to strip entirely, standing there in enticing and accessible underwear and stiletto pumps felt like I was wearing breast cupping body armour into our silk sheet sex battlefield.

So, whether you’re into quickies, all-nighters, or just feeling ready for a whole new look of lingerie, crotchless panties are a cut above the rest.

Contributed by Miss Valleywood

Miss Valleywood is a passionate young writer who spends her days as a journalist and her nights concocting the stories people really want to hear.

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