A Beginner's Guide To Buying Lingerie For Gentlemen, by a Gentleman | The Bottoms

Posted in FASHION ON June 24, 2018

So, you’ve sorted out the top half. You’re a bra expert, at least you think you are. Most men think they are. Now onto the fun stuff. The bottoms. Whether you’re an ass man, or just a smart enough to realise you should probably get your girl more than just a bra, here’s your guide to buying the best bottoms for your top girl.



Not just the boring option, believe me. More coverage means you can build some serious antici……pation. If you’re not sure if she’s comfortable with a skimpier style, the full brief is a safe choice. High waisted variants can make her feel comfortable whilst maintaining a sense of mystery. Different materials, higher cuts and degrees of opacity mean you can easily turn this classic into a raunchy regular in your bedroom. 



Leaving little to the imagination, these are the bread and butter of naughty knickers. Cut with less material at the back than a brief, these leave little to the imagination. If you enjoy that “oh my god my girlfriend became a sexy pornstar” vibe, then the thong will leave you in good stead. 



Just like your desire to tag along on a cocktail night with the gals, these are quite small. Don’t worry though, you’re not a cheap bastard or a creep for buying the least possible amount of fabric. Often confused with the thong, the G-string is the one with a small covering at the front and a literal string on the back and sides. Perfect for Valentine’s Day but less perfect as an “I’m sorry I forgot your mums name” gift, the G-string has a definite sexual undertone.


Naughty Knickers 


Speaking of sexual undertones... so I called the thong naughty before, and it is, to an extent. But what if it was crotchless? Now that’s naughty! Naughty knickers are the secret ingredient for a sexy relationship sauce. Easy access is taken to another level meaning that undercover forays into public foreplay get just that extra bit cheekier.

Contributed by Cole Jones