Are you resolving to get your finances in order, get in – or stay in – shape, or just eat healthier in the New Year? If you answered yes to one of these (or all three, if you’re a real go-getter), you’re definitely not alone, because they’re the three most common New Year’s resolutions people make, often right as the countdown gets underway.

And while a healthy body and bank account are very worthwhile areas of personal improvement, we were taken aback that none of these resolutions had anything to do with romance! Even if you’re comfortably content with your love life, the old adage of practice making perfect is the most fun when it comes to sex.

So between trips to the gym, your accountant, and the health food store, be sure to take some time with your partner and get closer with our racy resolutions for a sexier 2016.

Romantic Resolution #1: Love Thyself

Boobs and butts may be a guy’s favorite part of a woman’s body, but the one that trumps those two traits is the confidence to show what you’ve got, and show it proudly. Some of your bits may not look perfect to you, but to him they’re assets that are uniquely you, and that drives him wild.

We realize that just saying ‘get confident’ is way easier said than done, so go about the gradual process of finding and focusing on your personal aspects that you like and are proud of. Make them foremost in your mind, and know that that’s what other see in you as well.

Romantic Resolution #2: Be Down for Whatever, Whenever

Do away with ‘Date Night’ and be more spontaneous, because predictability can be a real mood-killer, after all. Whether it’s fooling around in the car or other area outside the bedroom, or a clothes-still-on quickie right before you both leave for work, inject that unexpected spice into your intimacy.

Romantic Resolution #3: Explore More

We’re talking about erogenous zones here, people. In any long-term relationship, we’d like to think we’ve got our partner’s pleasure points so figured out that we can turn them on in no time, but we’d be missing the point entirely when it comes to what makes sex so fun – exploration.

Both men and women have a number of unexpected erogenous zones that are just begging to be stroked, tickled, teased or nibbled to your heart’s content. Use a mask to heighten the senses. 


 Resolution #4: Dare to Do It Different

With the latest trends in sex pointing towards a return to more traditional couples’ play, make your partner play even more fantastic with an item that ups the pleasure for both of you. Introduce a couples’ sex toy to your bedroom play and will take your foreplay further while sharing your enhanced pleasure with your partner. Remember; there are still a few months left of winter, the perfect season for trying a new toy you can enjoy together until next New Year’s Eve!

Romantic Resolution #5: Explore (Yourself) More

It’s a similar title to resolution #3, but this one doesn’t require a partner. One main key to enjoying yourself more fully in the bedroom is knowing more precisely what you want. Take the time in 2014 to use some solo sensual time to your advantage, and figure out all the different ways you take pleasure from being touched.

Whether your personal preference is a hand or a vibrator, experiment with new strokes and techniques that will get you off, thus opening your body to an all-new range of experiences. Or, if you already know all there is to know about your O, then move along to the graduate course and go on a search for your G-spot. This holy grail of pleasure is a veritable treasure trove of fun, and once you’ve found yours (hint: a G-spot vibrator can be a huge help), you can show him the way to where G marks the spot!




This article has been republished from Volonté, a pleasure project by our partner Lelo. Written by Donna Turner.




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