Well if lingerie isn’t in my top three favorite subjects, I don’t know what is! I probably have hundreds of lingerie pieces and outfits and I’m always looking to add to my collection. There are some that will argue that lingerie is nothing more than over-priced bra and panties but I tend to disagree. I think lingerie makes you feel a certain way when you put it on and it definitely can set the tone of events it you want it to. Most importantly, I think every woman should have a couple sets of lingerie that will make her feel confident and sexy. So yeah, I do think its worth the money! Can you really put a price on self confidence?


I think we all know men love women’s bodies and for good reason. In my opinion, the female form is far superior to the male body. The curves and lines of a woman’s body are so perfectly placed as if intended for a purpose. It naturally will exude sexiness on its own but a little help to boost our self confidence so we see what others see is always welcomed. The lingerie is for the woman’s state of mind, the body needs no help.

What women need to understand is that men are pretty simplistic in their needs and desires. They are visual creatures and often want what stimulates them in the moment. Women tend to living in the past or future and men are almost always in the present. That, in my opinion, is at the root of most problems and disagreements between men and women but thats a whole other discussion on its own. Many of my girlfriends ask me about this subject because they know I love to talk about sexuality. I think everyone should embrace their sexuality and be comfortable with who they are and what they like. Too many of us (guys and girls, but mainly girls) overthink situations and psych ourselves out about things we want to try that might be new and different because we are scared to be laughed at or mocked. It is such a shame we live in a mean and judgemental society these days but thats why we must surround ourselves with the right people and learn from our mistakes. Don’t allow one person being an idiot and probably uncomfortable with themselves ruin a new experience for you. Learn and move on. If you have always been curious about lingerie but have been gun shy, I hope this article will give you that extra push to go buy a sexy little number. You don’t have to be in a relationship or even be dating someone to buy lingerie. I constantly buy pieces that catch my eye whether I’m seeing someone or not. Ultimately it is for you not them. They just get the extra perk. I guarantee, if you find the right lingerie pieces and put them on, you will instantly feel sexier and more sensual. That will in turn boost your self confidence and you will notice a difference in your interaction with others. If you are skeptical, give it a try. Go buy a cute set of whatever you like and feel comfortable in and put it on under your outfit one night before a fun event or a night out with your friends and see how you feel.

I know some of your reservations might have to do with weight or body issues or some pieces being uncomfortable to wear, or maybe even the price. I know some brands like Agent Provocateur, Kiki de Montparnasse and La Perla are often very expensive but you definitely have options! There are less expensive options from $8.99 to the $100 mark that are more affordable. First of all, pick something that you will feel comfortable in. We don’t want you to be shifting and trying to adjust straps and buckles through clothes. Secondly, pick something easy to put on. You don’t need to spend 30 minutes trying tot figure out the garter straps. That is intermediate to expert level so lets not get ahead of ourselves. Keep it easy and simple and soon you’ll find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the lingerie world. You also need to pick a style of lingerie. You could start with  a really sexy bra and pantie or you can do a piece that hugs/shapes your body and looks sexy. There are so many styles that its just a matter of making the commitment to try out lingerie and the rest is easy. If you feel like your uncomfortable with your weight or a certain part of your body (like your midsection) then a sexy high waisted pantie that will suck it in and hug those gorgeous curves of yours might be the way to go. There is also the baby doll, the teddy, corsets, bustiers, bodysuits and so much more.

All those cover the midsection but show a little something something. I would go to a lingerie store and try pieces on because you don’t know how something will make you feel until you have it on. You don’t have to buy that day but definitely explore. Make a day out of it will your girlfriends! There is also the sexy costume lingerie like the naughty nurse and the sexy maid or whatever fantasy you’re trying to play out but that’s advanced level and I wouldn’t dive into that until your comfortable with the basics. I don’t want you to have a bed experience and never try it again. This should be something fun for you that will spice things up every once in a while. 


Now that we have gotten your mind thinking and your swishing around the idea of lingerie let me take a moment to address women’s insecurities and body issues. If your at a point where things are about to progress into sexual territory and your worried about taking your clothes off and your partner seeing whatever insecurity you might have, DONT BE! Trust me when I say that if you are naked and about to have sex, they are definitely not focusing on whatever roll you think you might have. So relax, and let those body issues and inhibitions  go and you both will have a better time. Focus on what makes you both feel good physically and thats it. Let your animalistic tendencies take over. We all have them and most of us suppress them more so out of fear of embarrassment. However, the right sexual partner will build you up not tear you down. If you receive a negative response when trying to insert lingerie into the mix, know that your partner obviously has insecurities they need to work through and it’s not a refection on you or the situation. So sit back, relax and let your freak flag fly as you browse some of my favorite lingerie sites below. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with where you mind takes you.



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