Posted in EROTICA ON February 21, 2015

As the number of opportunistic globetrotters continues to increase, so with it has the commonality of love’s highest hurdle— the long-distance relationship.

Taking a leap of faith is never easy, so we’re here with a list of our top tips for dating from a distance.

Know What You’re Getting Into

First, let’s get some tough love out of the way: it’s not going to be easy, and the sooner you accept this, the better.

Any time two people move apart for a considerable amount of time, the relationship is, for better or worse, never the same upon reunification. New locations mean new experiences, new friends and, as much as we hate to admit it, new people vying for our heart’s desire.

Set Boundaries

Whether you’re departing with a potentially ominous “whatever happens, happens” or he’s popped the question at the airport, it’s important to air out expectations and what-ifs.

For example: Will there be a don’t-ask-don’t-tell deal regarding other people? Should a phone call be expected every night? Furthermore, don’t hold back asking questions because you’re afraid of what the answers might be—it’s better to be a little disappointed now than heartbroken months later.

Plan to Meet Soon

Not making tangible plans to see each other in the near future can put a major strain on the relationship. Even if your romantic rendezvous is months away, the anticipation for your eventual meet up will keep you emotionally in check and give you something to look forward to.

To go the distance in spite of the distance, however, be sure to partake in some technological tantalization with continuous Skype sex, flirtexting and sexting.

Share Communication Responsibilities

Obvious and cliché, we know—but we can’t stress the importance of continued mutualcommunication. Getting in touch with one another is a two-way street on which both partners need to meet halfway.

You should do at least on of these each day - text, phone or Skype (and a little Skype Sex goes a long way too).

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