Posted in SEXTROLOGY ON July 10, 2017


Better bow down my friend, because you are in the presence of true royalty.  Her fiery regal aura is enough to make your skin tingle with delight.  This is not a woman for the faint of heart, because she oozes sex appeal.  She is strong, powerful, and magnetic. She shines like the golden Sun, and she wants to hear about it too.  She loves being center stage, and compliments will make her purr.  She is a lioness queen of the jungle, and ruler in the bedroom.  Her touch is warm, and her heart is good.  If she doesn’t deem you fit, you will be thrown on the street with all of the other peasants where you belong.

She loves the company of many people so if you are looking for one of these majestic ladies don’t go to a quiet library. You will find her right in the center of a group of people laughing and dancing.  She loves activity and entertaining surroundings.  While loving attention you would think she has a straying eye; you couldn’t be more wrong.  Loyalty is something that runs through her blue blood. If she makes you hers, she will let everyone know that you are a King. 



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