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After last week, Mr. Lawyer had seen nearly every inch of me- but that’s not to say he’d seen everything. This morning I decided I was going to show him something new, whilst keeping him in the dark.

As I had to keep my outfit office appropriate I decided to keep to up the ante with my favourite French lace knickers.  I slipped on a dress and wrapped a trench coat around my body, tying it tight. Sifting through my draw of toys I found my leather blindfold and popped it into my coat pocket, for later.

As I ran out the door I smiled to myself, knowing what I’d be having for lunch. I texted Mr. Lawyer. to ask if he had any dietary requirements. 

I’m sure he had an inkling as to what he’d be eating- but he had no idea what he’d be seeing.

Monday morning ticked by so slowly that I began to question whether any clocks around me were actually working. Usually by 12 the hunger pangs would kick in but today my stomach was just full of butterflies. I could literally feel them flickering around as I imagined what Mr. Lawyer’s office would look like. Did he have a big desk? A liquor cabinet? A lock on the door?

A looming deadline kept my hands occupied and suddenly it was time to go.  I fumbled around my desk looking for lipstick and managed a quick swipe of red before rushing off to hail a cab.

Walking through the big glass doors of his building suggested to me that Mr. Lawyer really was a big shot, in and out of the office. I sauntered through the lobby towards an elevator full of suits and expensive aftershave. One especially attractive gentleman held the door as I hurried my footsteps. This is my kind of office I thought.

Just as I reached the door my stiletto caught on a loop of an overly expensive looking shag mat. I went flying into the elevator and straight into the arms of the handsome man. I felt strong hands lift me back onto my feet. And saw Mr. Suit’s eyes widened imperceptivity as he retrieved my blindfold from the elevator floor.

Blushing, I smoothed the trench back over my legs, thanked him as politely as I could as we both endured a very long ride to level 52. Stepping out of the elevator I soon realised we were heading in the same direction. Awkwardly I slowed down and pretended to admire an abstract painting. He walked slowly into the office right next to Mr. Lawyer’s turning briefly to wave at me as he closed the door. Just my luck. 

I quickly composed myself and I knocked on Mr. Lawyers door, his eyes opened wide as he saw my trench coat- clearly thinking I was stark naked underneath. But before he got the chance to find out, I turned, locked his door, drew the blinds, and sat him down on his chair. He seemed to like it when I took control.

I pulled out the lace blindfold and tied it securely over his eyes. He seemed surprised, and almost upset that he wasn’t about to witness what was about to unfold. I told him to give it a chance as I guided his hands to my body and let him undress me. 

He ran his hands over my lace knickers, taking in the texture, enjoying the touch. Slowly I lowered myself down and swiftly removed his pants. As I took him into my mouth I could feel he was already very hard. Gliding my tongue in small circles had him moaning in seconds. He ran his hands through my hair and I could tell he was savoring every touch.

Lifting myself back up and onto him, he lifted both of us up and onto his desk. He found his way down my body and surprisingly quickly down to my sweet spot. His enthusiasm let me know that he was very much enjoying his blindfold, heightening each of his senses.

Suddenly, he flipped me over, pulled me close, and entered me. Rough and gentle all at once, I was taken by surprise and moaned a little louder than appropriate for an office. I thought about Mr. Suit next door and wondered what he was thinking. 

Lying, hot and exhausted on Mr. Lawyers desk he whispered to me that he’d enjoyed being in the dark far more than he’d anticipated. I kissed him quickly, wrapped my trench back around my body and left before he had the chance to remove his mask.

As for Mr. Suit, I’m pretty sure he saw my flushed cheeks and tousled hair as I sauntered back towards the elevator. Oops.

Ruby Jones x

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