MOUTH TO MOUTH | Top Aphrodisiac Foods

Posted in EROTICA ON November 23, 2017

Tantalise your tastebuds with these top aphrodisiac foods that will leave you hungry for more.

He's sitting across the table from you, licking the small smear of chocolate off his upper lip. As his tongue slides from one side of his mouth to the other, you realise that there's more to this dessert than just chocolate. There's a feeling, deep in your belly, that suddenly has all your senses firing. You've whet your appetite, now it's time to hit the spot.
But what is it? Why does chocolate, or any so called frisky food, have an effect on you? It comes down to two things: The way it looks - like the deliciously ripe, juicy inside of a fig, or the way it plays with your body.

So sit back, relax and let these edible ingredients give you sustenance that's anything but vanilla.

The chink of a glass. The sweet smell of a good merlot. This is what you've been waiting for all day. Take a sip. And another; as this elixir will help boost blood flow and increase circulation to every last extremity. Enjoy!
Best served: While you wait at the bar, eyeing off the guy in the suit over there. Go on, take a chance.
So you're into superfoods? What about superfoods and sex? This ancient root creates the stress-free aura of a yogi and the stamina of a gladiator - two things that always come in handy.
Best served: In your morning smoothie. Isn't morning sex always the best?



Francophiles will innocently whisper in your ear that asperge, the French word for asparagus, is also slang for penis. If you're lucky they might do this before gently teasing your tongue with a perfectly cooked spear just ripe for biting. Our advice? Eat as many as you can, for they inadvertently stimulate clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication.

Best served: In abundance and hard. The floppy ones just don't taste any good.

As you place the fruit platter on the table he inhales your scent, sneaking a peek down your silk blouse and eyeing your full breasts. He pauses, before reaching for the fig. The sweet, plump, pink fig that's hailed as the ancient symbol of love and lust for its appearance. He takes a bite, burying his face deep into the fruit, delicately devouring it right before your eyes. Hastily you lurch forward, straddling him at the table and the fig is gone. So are you.
Best served: Indoors, where only your partner can see you.
We don't like rules, but when it comes oysters there are three: Shuck. Slurp. Savour. Overflowing with zinc - the mineral that produces sperm, testosterone and libido - order an entree of oysters for a night you'll never forget.
Best served: With champagne and by the water for alfresco fun.
Its warm, velvet texture glides down your throat and instantly makes you smile. There's just something about chocolate, the food of the gods, that satisfies your every craving. Curious, are you? It's the release of stimulants linked to love and sexual arousal that makes chocolate so tantalising.
Best served: Poured over your naked body.
As the red juice of a perfectly ripe pomegranate slowly drips from your chin, take note of the fact that this ancient fruit has mystical powers. What could they be? Slip your hand beneath your lace knickers and find out for yourself. And then thank the abundance of antioxidants - which allow blood to pass more freely through your veins - for your increased sensitivity. 
Best served: Fresh and frisky. 

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