Current Status: Dating

Currently into: Lelo’s Mia 2.

I think it’s safe to say I left an impression on Mr. Lawyer. Since last weekend he’s been texting me non-stop. My favourite of his witty repartees was:

Do you have time for a quick lunch? On my desk.

What a sweetie. 

Obviously I declined. I’m very much enjoying being ‘single’ and I don’t want to give him the impression that I’m, in anyway, at his beck and call. I did however graciously accept his invitation for a home cooked dinner, on the condition that dessert would be provided.

To keep my desires at bay- until I had my hands back on Mr. Lawyer- or better yet, until he had his hands back on me, I bought myself a new toy: The Lelo Mia 2 lipstick vibrator. She’s been keeping me company all week. I actually don’t think life would be the same without her. For the first woman I’ve been with, I’m more than impressed.

As for Men? I know they like to make us think we need them, but most of the time, we’re really just fine on our own. Okay, okay, on our own with Image: Helmut Newton, Office Love, Paris.a little help from technology.

Anyway, back to my date. There I was, standing amongst a pile of dresses. The full-mirrored wall in my room had let me know that I’d chosen the right outfit to work a little more magic on Mr. Lawyer. But I still needed something to top it off. I knew he’d be expecting my A-game after last week’s leather ensemble.

I pulled open my accessories drawer and ran my hand over the collection of cuffs, collars and tassels. Using the sensible part of my brain, I decided he wasn’t ready for any of these delights- not just yet. Then I saw my little Mia 2. She fits neatly into my clutch and is completely non-threatening. What better way to step it up than by inviting a friend to join the party?

I headed out to the cab that was rudely blaring its horn at me. Just as I reached the door an equally rude gust of wind blew my dress up around my waist. In a flurry of red silk and heels I fell into the back seat and, in my usual uncoordinated fashion, found myself sitting atop my clutch. A second later the whole car started vibrating. Mia may be small but she sure is powerful.

The driver reached around in his seat and gave me a look that I think was best described as quizzical. Turning a nice shade of beetroot I muttered, with as much nonchalance as I could muster “Oh, it’s just this silly new phone.” Quickly I fumbled for the off button.

After the longest cab ride of my life I finally reached Mr. Lawyer’s apartment. Inside, settled on the couch with a glass of wine, I let my mind wander as he gently stirred a bubbling pot of bolognaise sauce. I watched his hands as he expertly sliced a fresh red tomato, thinking of what they would be doing to me later on.

After three tantalising hours of cool wine, warm food and hot conversation, Mr. Lawyer suddenly stood up. I thought he must have been clearing the table to get ready for dessert.

He pushed the plates and cutlery out of the way with one hand as he pulled me out of my chair with the other. He sat me up on the table and in one swift move that dress of mine was back up around my waist. He pulled down my stockings and buried his face where I so clearly wanted him to. And him? He had clearly decided I was to be his dessert.

I leant back on the table as he pushed my legs open and started to explore my tastes with his tongue. He moved slowly at first, testing different techniques and seeing which I responded to. Quickly he found my weak spot and went to work.

It wasn’t long before I felt those familiar sensations building inside me. It was all hot and cold, slow and quick. My breath soon followed, quickening, and as I arched my back, sharply into the wooden table, I cried out and came unexpectedly.

After regaining my composure, I sat up and reminded Mr. Lawyer he still owed me dessert. As he was struggling to slip off his shoes, I slinked off the table and made my way over to my clutch. . 

“Where are you going” He called, clearly a little concerned. “Just grabbing my little friend.” I called back cheekily.

“Who?” He asked, the trepidation clearly apparent in his voice. “Mia,” I said, as I pulled down his pants and took his already hard member in my mouth.

I switched Mia on and held her up to my cheek. Little did he know that Mia does just as good things to him as she does to me.

As you can guess, Mr Lawyer, Mia and myself got along very well that night.

Ruby: 2 Mr Lawyer: 1



Image: Helmut Newton, Office Love, Paris.



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