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Last night, I put myself back on the dating scene and focused my attention on Mr. Lawyer.

I understand I might be in the minority here, but I’ve always loved first dates. The anticipation, the subtle body language, the sexual tension; I find myself thinking about it too much for my own good.

Back to him. It had been two weeks and I’d never touched Mr. Lawyer, not even a deliberate but subtle hand on the upper arm. My excitement was palpable. My legs, cramping.

Since being teased so unmercifully by Mr. Complicated I decided that, from the beginning, Mr. Lawyer would understand that I was the boss. Taking control excited me even more than the thought of that first touch.

I spent an embarrassingly long time thinking about the perfect outfit. My answer? Leather. What could possibly go wrong?

Legs freshly shaved and moisturised, I pulled my stockings on and fastened them into my suspenders. I zipped up my favourite little - very little - black skirt and admired the way it clung to my body without revealing the secrets underneath. I finished the outfit with a white shirt, sheer enough to see I was wearing a black bra, but not enough to show it was leather.

As I slipped out of the cab I made sure to keep my skirt down. The guy jumping in after me didn’t need to know I was wearing leather suspenders. Even if it would have made his night.

As I walked into the bar, I realised Mr. Lawyer wasn’t there yet. This allowed me the opportunity to sip a glass of wine and calm my nerves.

But the longer I sat in the bar, the more I started to realise that leather underwear is rather… hot. I could feel the skin on my breasts and thighs starting to heat up. I thought this was how we’d finish the night, not start it.

I smiled and readjusted myself so my hands were fumbling at my own breasts just as Mr. Lawyer arrived. Brilliant.

He was wearing a dark grey suit, perfectly tailored, his tie was gone, and the top button of his shirt was undone: hello Friday. As he reached me, I stood up, my suspenders rising. He leant over, rested his hand on my arm and gently kissed my cheek. There it was- that first date electricity.

The next few hours were a blur of red wine, rather interesting conversation, and a few deliberate hand touches from my side. I couldn’t help myself. As we paid the bill and made our way out of the bar I sensed an air of indecision. I took the lead with a simple “Shall we have a glass at my place?”

I poured two glasses, and strutted out to the lounge room, where Mr. Lawyer was casually lounging on the couch. As elegantly as I could, I sidled in beside him and positioned myself close enough for our legs to touch. Just.

He leant forward, took the glasses from my hands and placed them on the coffee table in front of us. He took a strong, confident hold of the back of my head and kissed me gently on the mouth, parting my lips slightly.

Once again, all this leather felt rather warm.

As he released me, our eyes met for a moment, He looked down and began to trace the buttons of my shirt. Slowly, one at a time he undid them. I admit, it felt nice for him to take the lead.

Finally he got me out of my shirt, revealing the leather I’d been wearing all along.

I firmly pushed him back into the folds of the couch and stepped out of my skirt. Holding eye contact I stood before him wearing nothing but my heels, stockings, leather suspenders and matching leather lingerie.

His eyes widened, registering just the reaction I was hoping for.

Now he knows who’s boss.

Ruby Jones x

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